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My goal is to help make the web a better place through excellent websites and informed citizens, particularly indie authors.

"Aether" is the old-fashioned term I like to use, because of its many applications. The web is both ethereal and aether-existent. To me it also symbolizes the freedom to explore new ways of doing things, unfettered by the gravity drag of gatekeepers.

"Passarola" was the name of the airship invented by Jesuit priest Bartolomeu de Gusmaõ (1685-1724). When researching for The Source of Lightning, I became obsessed with his story, and the possibility he was the first to demonstrate lighter-than-air flight in 1709.

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About Me

Donna K. FitchMy name is Donna K. Fitch and I created this site. I have a wide variety of interests, as reflected in the sites related to this umbrella one. Here's a little about who I am.

Indie Author, Roleplaying Gamer, Choir Singer; Founder & CEO, Maximum Author Impact. My self-given title since I created my first website in 1996 is "Illuminator of Alternate Realities."

In my fiction, I like to imagine what happens to average people in decidedly non-average situations, always with a supernatural element.

I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, hearing the sounds of rocket engines being tested, and the possibilities of space travel and the future have always interested me. I'm not fond of limitations imposed by others. I think that's why I've embraced the independent author movement--I have ultimate freedom for my work to stand or fall on its own rather than being controlled by a small cadre of experts. Join me in this exciting journey!

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